“Skin Your Local Rapist” (Ringer Tee)
“Skin Your Local Rapist” (Ringer Tee)
Ritual Print Co

“Skin Your Local Rapist” (Ringer Tee)

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Believe women, believe survivors.  Ready to really REALLY leave no question about how you feel on the subject.  Printed with blood red ink on crazy soft ringspun cotton ringer tees (white body, black at collar and sleeves). 

Unisex sizes 

We're doing some spring cleaning and making room for some hot new content.

None of these designs will be reprinted so get them while you can!

Please note: a lot of these clearance items have been in storage *insert coming out of the closet joke here* so they might be a little wrinkled, but they're still fresh as hell. 


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